God knows.

Those days that have gone backward, sideways, and anywhere, but straight ahead.

God knows.

The am I doing enoughs and am I giving enoughs? The balancing act of keeping up with a jam-packed schedule.

God knows.

The feelings of fierce love for those tiny humans, and the prayers to raise them to be kind and curious, helpful and wise.

Oh yes, He knows.

And He responds with the simple gifts of love and grace.

Yet, so often we feel the need to be in the driver’s seat and we miss His little tap on the brakes. Instead, we grasp tighter to the wheel; to steer on our own.

Or, I do, at least.

And yep, God knows.

He responds gently, with that wet, sloppy kiss on the cheek from a toddler to tell you that you’re doing just fine.

He responds wittily through the gift of an inside joke and a perfectly timed, unsolicited, visit from a friend to ground you.

He responds with a strong will, yet allows us to tip our bucket over just far enough for the first drops to fall before we realize our need to take a step back and trust His timeline.

Oh yes, He knows where to find us.

At our best and at our worst.

In our triumphs and in our messiness.

And if we sit in the stillness long enough, He provides the answers we seek to find most.

So if you need this reminder today . . . 

The Creator, the Author of our life, has already written the next chapters in stunning detail,

Don’t settle for the CliffsNotes.

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