I wanna get caught. 

I’m a little mischievous but this isn’t something I normally strive for, so let me explain. I went to a conference recently where the speaker said we should get caught being silly by our kids and I thought, “You know that is so true! We need to be caught by our kids!” Being caught silly is great but what about being caught with Jesus?

I grew up in a single household. I knew my momma loved Jesus but it was private. Sure, she talked about it if the topic came up but I don’t remember seeing her studying her Bible or getting busted praying alone. It was just private between her and God.

My husband, on the other hand, had an almost opposite upbringing. His family spoke openly about faith. I would ask him after we got married, “Honey, you know we should call your dad later and find out about . . . ” Fill in the blank because it didn’t matter the question the answer was always the same. 

“Go ahead and call him. He’ll be up. He gets up early every morning, has his coffee, and spends time in his Bible. He’ll be up. Just call.” 

It blew my mind.

Every time I called: “Oh I’ve been up. Sittin’ here drinking my coffee. Just finished my Bible study.” 


How in the WORLD did my husband know his dad would be awake and finished with his Bible study?! 

Because he got caught.

You know I’m pretty sure that saying “a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus” was written for my father-in-law because every morning he would get caught by his son reading his Bible, praying, spending time with God, and drinking coffee. It was never a question. My husband knew without a shadow of doubt that’s where his dad would be and what he would be doing at that exact time. 

I have my own adorable little boys and a beautiful princess now, and you know what? I felt God tugging on my heart at this conference saying, “Being silly is great and all, but get caught being with me. Why don’t you get caught reading my Word?”

Get caught pouring your heart out to your Heavenly Father because your kids need to see it. They need to see the example of what a relationship with God looks like.

They need to know they can depend on Momma to be praying and reading God’s word.

They need to see my priority is Jesus . . . and maybe a little bit of coffee.

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Carla King

Carla is a slightly crazy homeschooling mom of 3 between the ages of 11 and 4. Along with homeschool mom, she wears the title 4-h mom, archery mom, dog mom, wife to her highschool sweetheart of 17 years, and first lady of her church.