Each day starts with your first whimper. The sky may be dark or the birds may be singing—every day is different. 

We stumble to the kitchen to make a bottle. 

We play with your toys and sing your favorite songs.

We snuggle with your favorite blanket after your bath and say your prayers. 

We lay next to each other until you fall peacefully asleep. 

Yes, you need me—every hour of every day. 

But today, I needed you. 

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I woke up riddled with anxious thoughts. I was discouraged, irritable, fearful, uneasy, and I couldn’t get the lump out of my throat. 

Then you smiled when you saw me. You buried your face into my shoulder when I picked you up. You laughed when I started talking to you. 

Pretty soon we were dancing in the living room—careless and free. 

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So, thank you, son. 

Today I needed you.

Katelyn Brown

Katelyn Brown is a new face to the blogging world but has been a lifelong writer. She used writing as a therapeutic outlet to overcome a severe bout with anorexia. She has since mentored many women online that struggle with navigating the choppy waters of this life. She has endless stories that will make you both laugh and cry from her experience as a third-grade teacher. Katelyn has been promoted to a stay-at-home-mommy that keeps it real. She is willing to display her own flaws in order to help others. There is no topic too controversial or subject to sensitive for her to share. Katelyn exposes her inner thoughts—even when they are ugly. Her goal in this life is to use her own victories and struggles to help other women. From the mountaintop to the valley, Katelyn keeps it real and raw. Her down-to-earth attitude promotes self-love, growth, and balance. Katelyn hopes to build a platform for women to feel empowered by their own flawed journey.