What about our children? The little ones we bring into this world.

The impressionable ones.

The ones we hold in our arms.

The ones who look to us as their first heroes.

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Children are such a blessing. And sometimes in the midst of being blindsided by life, we lose sight of our own blessings.

What about our children?

What example do they have to follow?

When I have to get my point across by any means necessary, it doesn’t matter how I speak to or about people. Because me being heard takes precedence over everything.

Why can it be so hard to put my ego aside?

What about our children?

So impressionable. They want to be just like Daddy. They want to be just like Mommy. Can I look in the mirror when I’m all alone and say, “I want my child to be like me”?

What about our children?

Children are a blessing. It’s my responsibility to remember the blessing that they are and treat them as more sacred than my most prized possession.

My example to them in the way that I treat others is what will help mold them into being the best versions of themselves.

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In everything I do, in everything I say, let me not ever forget to ask myself, “What about our children?”

If I didn’t do it yesterday, I vow to start today.

I’ll do my best.

I’ll be the father that my children need me to be. I’ll be the father that my children need to see.

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Paul Henderson

Paul A. Henderson is a sports chaplain, author, and motivational speaker. He is a former track and field athlete at Virginia Commonwealth University. Paul blogs at Fatherhood on the Fly, where his slogan is, “We’re learning, we’re growing, and we’re getting better one day at a time.” He uses a combination of encouragement and humor from daily experiences with his boys to inspire dads from different backgrounds to embrace the journey of fatherhood and all that comes with it. Slave No More: Conquering the Master Within, Paul’s first book, will be released later in 2021. Paul is married to Kierra, and they have four sons, PJ, Joey, David, and Noah.