It seems like I now know more and more people who are facing heartbreak in their lives. Not like a break up, although that too can be gut-wrenching, grief inducing and disappointing. I’ve likely always been surrounded by an equal amount of it but just been unaware. I used to live under the false illusion that I was a strong person, but after knowing people who have gone through things I imagine to be unbearable, I now know without any shadow of a doubt that I am not a strong person at all.

Not even by the slightest standards.

I think it is awe inspiring that some people have to be as strong as they do and some people seem to have no real problems throughout their entire life. I think the only reason so many people fail to see that is because we definitely live in an era of feeling very sorry for ourselves for things that are either trivial or entirely our fault. I am in this category. In fact, I feel really annoyed when my phone dies and I don’t have a charger. How insane is that? How. Insane. Is. That. I am just blown away by the fact that burdens do seem to be so unevenly yoked among people.

My husband has seen so much death in his life and buried both of his parents by the age of 23. I’ve had many friends suffer the loss of a parent at a young age. I recently watched someone see the passing of their infant and it was like a punch in the stomach to even think of what they are going through. I can’t imagine living it. Then there are people who are living through illness with the dignity and perseverance that most of us don’t have. I can’t imagine waking up every day knowing you are awake to fight for your health and your life.

Yet, these people I know are all so very strong and determined to make their lives and circumstances the best possible.

It makes me feel downright guilty at times that there are people in the world right now starving and suffering immensely and my life is pretty comfortable.

We never know what’s coming down the pipe. Life is about seasons. We look forward to what we have awaiting us in the afterlife, but while we are here there are going to be good and bad seasons. We have to remain aware that the bad doesn’t stay and neither does the good.

Take today, breathe it in and appreciate it enough so you won’t have regrets when you have to let it go.

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Laura Brown

Hi! I'm Laura Brown and I am a stay at home mom to my precious Jasper. I am a former and future teacher. I love Texas, Jesus, Sonic drinks, fixing up goodwill finds, and my wonderful and hardworking husband (my loves are not necessarily listed according to priority). I love to talk about education, figuring out motherhood, and faith to name a few things. I love writing as an outlet to connect with others who are on similar journeys!