Okay, people. Can we just have a little chat? A little morning coffee talk? Grab your coffee, Diet Coke {you know that’s what I’m rockin’}, Tea, or whatever suits for fancy and pop a squat.

I received this in my email inbox the other day…



And it just really put a bee in my bonnet. And yes, I do wear bonnets. Something new I’m tryin’ out.

I have blogged about Pinterest before. I really do like Pinterest. For many things, it’s completely the bee’s knees. Like when I’m searching for recipes. Or trying to find a new haircut. Or simply trying to waste time that could be spent saving the world. But seriously, Pinterest, can ya just settle on down? I know I signed up for this app, but it is beginning to get a little nutzo.

So this email… before clicking on this, do you think I even thought for one measly second that I needed to get my child’s new teacher… the one I’ve never laid eyes on… the one we don’t even know the name of yet… do you think I had even pondered that a gift be bestowed upon him or her on the very first day of school? Ummm. No. Because I already purchase a Thanksgiving gifty, a Holiday Thank You, and an End of the School Year gift {because teachers are studs}. And all those are gifted after I know the person who is taking care of, inspiring, and molding the minds of my children. I didn’t know I had to send a down payment for the school year. But to Pinterest I say, thanks for the heads up. Oh, and if I make it myself, that’s even better? Okie dokie! I mean, what happened to giving your teacher an apple and calling it a day?

And, do you think that I had been hatching my grand plan to make certain that my child’s first day of school was something akin to visiting Disney Land? Because I am going to have a kindergartener, it’s going to have to be something incredible! With fanfare? Balloons? Fireworks? And the like? Of course! Let me just whip that all up. Ummmm. No. Because honestly, I am just trying to keep my freaking ducks in a row. I am trying to remember to fill out the 942 pieces of paperwork that the schools need for my two children. I am trying to calendar the 627 dates that have back-to-school events including open houses, 101s, bring your dog to school day, and so on. So really Pinterest, stop taxing my gig.

Am I just being completely obtuse here, or are we all on the same page? In my opinion, Pinterest is the new Jones’s and I, for one, cannot keep up. Part of me wants my kids childhood to be magical. I mean, who doesn’t want to give their children the best life has to offer. But part of me wants to have my sanity. And because these two things do not go hand in hand, because the magic of the Pinterested life seems to not just magically come together, the sanity part is winning out these days.

So my children perhaps, will be blacklisted with their teachers when they walk in empty handed. And they will probably talk for years, in therapy, about the ways in which their parents neglected to make every event in life seem like the sun always shines on their shoulders. But it is what it is, folks. And what it is, is notgoingtohappen.

So, my coffee/Diet Coke/tea sippin’ friends, what are your thoughts on the subject? I’m dying to know… will there be a gift in tow for your child’s teach? And what are your blueprints to make the first day of school the very best thing that has ever happened in the history of mankind? I’m just crossing my fingers that eggos on the Family Red Plate passes the test…

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