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I always knew motherhood would bring a world of change, and I feared one of those changes would be my friendships

And, it’s true. Our friendship DID change, but not in the way I thought it would. Our friendship became much deeper and stronger than it had been before. 

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Thank you for being so understanding in the early days. You knew how tired and distracted I was, yet you didn’t hold it against me. You checked in constantly to see how I was doing and if there was anything you could do to help. 

Thank you for loving my child as much as you love me (or let’s be honest, even more).

You are always so willing to spend time with both of us, even if that means playing tag with the baby or sitting with me while I fold laundry during naptime. Hanging out together now looks much different than it did before, but you have been so gracious and flexible. 

Thank you for cheering me on and for listening to me talk about how I’m adjusting to motherhood. Thank you for never once acting bored or bothered when I vented to you about my frustrations or stresses. Thank you for helping give me perspective when I am being too hard on myself and for helping me find balance by taking time away from Pinterest boards or mommy discussion forums when I get too caught up in comparison.

Thank you for reminding me of who I am outside motherhood.

You have embraced my new role as a mom, but you have also been so gracious to remind me who I am when I feel a little lost in all the changes. You encourage me and empower me to continue going after goals or carving out some time for my physical and mental health. You have done such a great job making sure I don’t get carried away in the currents of motherhood and hold tightly to all the other parts of me. 

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There will never be enough words to show my gratitude. You showed up for me and for my baby, again and again. And, you continue to show up for us every birthday, every holiday, and even just because days. This would have been an understandable season for you to step awayI didn’t have as much time or energy, and my attention was divided, my attention span distracted. Yet, you hung in there with me and held me close as I went through the biggest, most challengingly beautiful time of my life. 

And then I realized that’s what makes this friendship so wonderful: its ability to grow up with us without keeping score. The ability to adjust, to weather every season of friendship and bloom through it. 

You have shown me what it means to show up. I will never forget how you have always been so present and purposeful in our friendship, especially now. Thank you, a million times over. I am SO lucky to have you by my side. I am SO lucky to have you by my child’s side. 

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