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So guys, 

Check this out. There’s a couple really cool new apps out that are going to greatly benefit writers and basically, all women in general. 

The first one is called Writeright. Catchy, huh? Well it’s a lot more than just a cool name. When you first open up the app on your phone, it has an ingenious and easy to read instruction manual to flip through. Usually I skip reading these bad boys, but this one was so user friendly, that I actually enjoyed swiping through. (Ha! Does that make me a nerd?) Anyway, after all the “how-to’s,” you get to your home page. At this point, you can start writing. It is basically set up like your notes section on your i-phone. Same format. However, with this app you have access to a dictionary and thesaurus right in the app. So, as you type, you can highlight certain words and click the “S” button and it will pull up all the synonyms available. Or, wait for this – it’s even cooler – you can highlight a whole phrase and push a little “wheel-looking” button and it will pull up an entirely different way to word or structure the sentence using its internal dictionary and thesaurus. It’s like a writers dream land! No more staring at the screen because a sentence, “just doesn’t feel right.” You can instantly change it.

Genius stuff, people. Genius stuff.

IMG_3207 IMG_3206

After you have written to your hearts content, you have numerous options of what you’d like to do next with your beautiful words. You can: copy them (to paste somewhere else), send by email, print document (if your printer is hooked to your phone or has a wifi connection), open in your notes, twitter, facebook, messanger, etc. Or (I’m not even done yet, guys) you can save your thoughts to the (all knowing, all present) Cloud, to a saved documents folder within the app, your Dropbox (if you use that), or you can trash it at this point if you decide you wanna start all over. The options are endless. 


The next app I want to tell you about is called Tag Journal. This app is a game changer for all the women out there. Who out there likes to makes lists? To organize notes, photos, videos, etc?

*every women raises hand* 

I do too. I LOVE lists. And I love knowing exactly where everything is. This app makes my OCD heart happy. Here’s what it does…

You open it and it goes through a quick and simple video of how it works. Who doesn’t love video guides? They’re adorable. 

Then you get to your homepage and you see the promise land. (Not even exaggerating, guys!) The homepage has icons across the top that are: camera, video, microphone, quick notes (my lists! YAY) and documents (your writings!). Each of these icons are connected to your actual phone apps that you already have. So you click on the video button and all your videos show up or your camera shows up in video mode. (You following me?) 


Under all the icons is where the organizing comes in. You can click on the “notes” column and BOOM, all your notes ever written, pop up. You can click on the recordings column and BOOM, same thing. There’s all your recordings. Yes, you could do all this without the app. But with the app, all of these handy tools we use to remember events and capture moments are put together, so there is no opening and closing apps, trying to remember where one is, using up all your battery life. (Can I get an amen from all the i-phone users out there?!) 

Another great thing about this app that makes it so unique, is the calendar aspect. This app has its own built in calendar, so you can click on it, pick a day, and view all the notes, photos, videos, etc from that specific day! How great is that?! Organization at its finest, friends.

IMG_3212 (1)

Tag Journal reminds me of a giant, more accessible, less bulky scrap book of your entire life. And who doesn’t want one of those? 

So friends, go & check out these cool new apps! I’m certainly excited to start using mine! 

Here’s all their social links, too.





*Note. Yep! This was a sponsored post. But all of the opinions are 100% mine and true.

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