When you take a problem to friends, they might try to help you in different ways.

They might help you talk it out.

They might come over and bring wine.

They might know how to make you forget it all, let your hair down, and go dancing.

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They’re all trying their best to help. I’m not putting those friends down.

But that friend who points you to Jesusshe knows the One who can help you.

She knows what you want to hear. But she also knows Who you need to hear.

She knows the best thing to do with your burdens is to carry them to Christ and lay them at the foot of the cross.

She knows He can and will carry you through your storm.

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She knows the One who can forgive your sins.

She knows the One who can heal your heart.

She knows the One who can pick up all the broken pieces you lay down, and rework them in His hands into something beautiful and gloriously new.

She could help you laugh it away, dance it away, or drink it away. That would be quite easy.

But that friend who reminds you the answers to your problems do not lie in worldly things?

That friend who makes you face the sometimes hard reality that you need to go and sit at His feet?

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That one who points you to Jesus?

That sister in Christ?

Keep her close.

Her advice to take it to the Lord?

My friend, that’s the best and most loving advice another person can give.

Danetta  Powell

First-time blogger. Christian wife and mother. Sharing my thoughts and prayers on womanhood, motherhood, faith, and family.