Dear old friends,

I miss you.

I miss you so much it hurts sometimes.

After college, we tried hard at first, getting together and catching up as often as we could.

We were at each other’s weddings and first baby showers. All celebrating the next big things in our lives together. I never imagined a big celebration without you all in it. 

A few months apart turned into a few years, and now it feels like a lifetime since we were even in the same room together.

We’ve lost touch over the years, and as I found myself neck-deep in motherhood, it became extremely challenging trying to stay on top of keeping my kids alive and keeping our friendships alive as well.

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You see, motherhood has rocked me to my core and worn me thin. I have been weary and overwhelmed trying to balance it all. I can barely muster up the energy for my family needs, let alone trying to string together a sentence if we were to hangout.

My heart aches for you as I sit down after a long day and think of all the special times we had together.

It was a blastfull of laughs, inside jokes, and late nights together. We shared clothes, secrets, and favorite television shows.

There were the sad moments, too when tears fell down our cheeks as we handled break ups, failed courses, and hard disappointments.

We navigated through adulthood together. Always there for each other to figure out what we didn’t know and enjoying the freedom that came with living on our own.

I think what I miss most is how comfortable our friendship was. It was so easy. You loved me for me, and I didn’t have to pretend to be anyone I wasn’t. I didn’t have to ever wonder if you liked me or not.

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We were honest with each other, sometimes too honest, but that is what made our friendship so special.

You always made me feel included. You always made me feel loved. You always made me feel worthy.

I think what I hate the most is that we are not sharing motherhood together because I could really use the company trying to figure out how to do this mommy thing the right wayif there even is a right way. Or we could at least laugh about it. I know your encouraging words and smiles would be the balm to my mama soul.

I am so thankful for what we shared together. I hope that once life settles down, we can pick up right where we left offlaughing, crying, and enjoying the next season of our lives together.

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Until then, I am still your number one fan, cheering you on from a distance and praying for you with all my heart.  

Your forever friend

Amber  Palmer 

Amber is a busy mom of two kiddos, wife, and blogger over at My Jars of Clay. When she is not homeschooling her daughter, you can find her writing to encourage other moms and helping them keep their focus on Jesus. Amber enjoys spending her time reading, singing when no one is around, and throwing random dance parties in her kitchen. She loves connecting with other moms in person and over on Instagram.