You may get, gosh I don’t know, four to five of them in your entire life.

You may only get one.

People who come into your life, and don’t just make your life better, but who actually come into your life and flip it upside-down and completely transform it in the most beautiful way possible.

People who come into your life and stay in your life.

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People who tell you the truth, even when everyone else is just telling you what’s easy. People who stand by you, even when everyone else is running the other direction. People who refuse to let you settle for being a portion of the person you have the potential, the possibility to be.

People who make you run faster when you’re capable. People who cheer for you when you walk slowly because that’s the best you have in you at the moment. People who will lie in bed with you and hold your hand when all you can do is grieve.

People who celebrate the tiny victories. People who help. People who let you help. People who give. People who let you give. People who get real. People who accept you as you are, but desperately make you want to grow closer to God’s glory.

People who feel like friends.

People who feel like family.

People who feel like home.

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People who let you talk about nothing at all. People who let you talk about your struggles without apologetics. People who let you talk about your successes without jealousy, or annoyance, or anything except pure happiness for your happiness. People who let you stay quiet when no words will come. People who will let you laugh wildly.

People who are loyal as hell. People who talk good about you behind your back, and shut up anyone who is trying to run you down in their vicinity. People who don’t choose you some of the time, but choose you all of the time.

People who invite you. Yes, they invite you to the parties, and the get-togethers, and the galas, but they also invite you into their homes. They invite you into the mess, and the chaos, and the clutter. They invite you into the everyday things, and they invite you to the major things.

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People who don’t shrug you off when you’re going through a slump. People who aren’t suddenly too cool for you when the popular girls enter the room. People who don’t make you walk around on eggshells. People who don’t make you tiptoe. People who let you mess up, and forgive you easily when you do.

People who aren’t just waiting around for you to make a mistake so they can turn their heads, but people who will stay right there, hold out their hand, and help pick you back up again.

People who don’t expect anything.

People who force you to look at yourself and see all that you are. People who believe in your beauty. People who believe in your worth. People who believe the absolute best in you, even when all you can see is your absolute worst.

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People who come into your life and stay.

Life is crazy.

It’s up and it’s down and it’s in and it’s out. It’s busy and it’s hectic, and it takes a lot of work to make it through.

Life is marriage and babies being born, but it’s also divorces and death.

Life is dancing and singing and road trips and conquering your dreams, but it’s all shortcomings and disappointments.

Life is not enough sometimes.

Life is too much sometimes.

Life is crazy.

But sometimes, every once in a blue moon, we’re lucky enough to find the people who want to come in our life and are willing to stay through it all.

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