Dear friend,

These times of quarantine and lockdown can be an emotional rollercoaster. Fear, anxiety, doubt, and loneliness become common experiences. Unfortunately, I cannot see into the future to put your mind at ease. All I can do is let you know that I hear you, I see you and I feel these things too. Even though I cannot sit beside you while you vent or get ice cream with you, I am still here.

You are not alone.

We may not have seen each other in person recently but I haven’t forgotten about you. We may not speak every moment of the day but I still think about you. Our friendship is too sincere to be disrupted by distance.

No virus or law could shut down our bond.

Our virtual interactions are treasured by me. Every strange conversation we have over text is appreciated. Every new inside joke is remembered. Every silly moment makes me laugh. Every smile I see over video call makes me smile.

Just as you’re always here for me, I’m here for you too. It doesn’t matter if it’s 11 p.m. on Tuesday or 4 a.m. on Saturday, if you need me, I am here. It doesn’t matter if I’m cooking or doing the washing, I am here for you. Always. You are not alone.

If your doubt starts to eat at you, I will forgive you and prove them wrong.

If your anxiety starts to scream, I will listen to your vents and sobs.

If you find yourself low, I will be patient and gentle with you.

If you find your self-esteem drops, I will pick you right back up.

If your fears take over, I will hold a space for you.

If you start to feel lonely, I will shower you in love.

These acts are never out of obligation. These words are not empty claims. I understand that isolation can toy with your mind but I know the real you. I do this for her.

For now, take care of yourself. Make sure that you are smiling on a daily basis. Remember to eat properly even when you’re lazy. Get enough rest. Try to occupy yourself with activities you enjoy when you can.

When all this is over, I look forwards to making more memories with you right beside me. For now, let’s show up for each other virtually.

Forever here,
Your friend

Avanya Manickum

Avanya Manickum is a wanderer who still trying to get her footing in this awe-inspiring world. She believes that through connection with yourself and the world around you, you are able to see things more clearly. She is determined to live her authentically, despite how unconventional it may seem.