Dear persistent friend,

You entered my life as a quiet and supportive spirit. It was obvious we had a lot in common from the first conversation we had. I eagerly wanted to be your friend, and then my life took an unexpected turn.

You reached out and initiated conversation. You texted and invited my daughter and me to hang out with your precious family. I was surprised and thankful for the interest in becoming friends and yet I wasn’t in a place to show the state in which my life was in.

I will never forget your reaction when you found out the struggle we were going through.

You knew me on the surface and yet offered much more than those who had been in my life for years. You prayed for me. Texted me encouraging words. Offered to help us pack our life and move. You gave of your heart and yet I kept my distance.

I became good at evasion tactics. I would intentionally reply with short responses. I also chose not to follow through on other replies. I avoided making commitments and engaging in too much conversation simply because I was not at a point in which I could admit how broken I really was. And all along the way you extended me grace and remained persistent.

When I finally gave in and followed through with making plans to hang out, you were calm and welcoming. You never pushed me to open up and always understood when I chose to keep part of my guard up.

You became a safeguard, a refuge I didn’t realize I needed.

We share a bond that I hold near and dear to my heart. It feels as though you have been in my life for years. I am filled with joy each time our children play together and we get to sit on the back porch and simply watch them explore and live life. I thank God for our friendship and for allowing us to be on this journey of motherhood together.

You were placed in my life by design and I will never forget how you chipped away to find the real me underneath. Thank you for accepting the broken version of who I was and for helping me find my way back to happiness. You are a true gem in this world and will forever be a hero in my story.

Thank you, dear persistent friend, for not giving up on me.

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Erin Uhlaender

I am a child of God and saved by His grace. I am a single mommy raising my daughter in Austin, Texas. I teach first grade by day and blog during my free time. I would love to connect with you via my blog,, or Twitter at handle @gritandgrace_TX. We each have a story and I can't wait to hear yours!