I may have many acquaintances.

I may have many friendships that I have cared deeply about over the years.

I may have many friends I love and cherish today.

But I also have that one friend. You know the one? 

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The one who came into your life and never left.

The one who has been there through thick and thin.

The one who has seen you at your best and worst moments.

The one who has been there through all the tears and tipsy nights.

The one who doesn’t just know all your crazy stories, she’s lived them.

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The one who knows all your inside jokes.

The one who told you he wasn’t good enough.

The one who reminded you of your worth.

The one who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth.

The one who never stopped calling even when you couldn’t pick up the phone.

The one who will always answer late-night text messages.

The one who knew he was the one even before you did.

The one who will be the cool aunt to your kids.

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The one who no matter how much time has passed, you pick up right where you left off.

The one who will say I’m sorry and I forgive you.

The one who is always ready for your next adventure.

The one who you’re never letting go.

All friendships are different and some are only for certain seasons of our lives. But I know for sure you are someone I want to keep around for the rest of my life.  

Thank you for being that one!

Nicole Burke

I’m a newlywed and new farm wife living with my husband in rural northern Illinois. In addition to helping on the farm, I also work an off the farm job doing content marketing for my family’s John Deere dealership. I enjoy sharing all things farm life, faith, marriage and lifestyle! To find out more, visit me on Instagram or my blog at Midwest Farm Wifey!