Believe me when I say this, I know I am being a bad friend. Please don’t take it personally, I know I’m missing the important dates and dodging phone calls. I know it takes me days to answer a text message or reply to your emails. I want to be the friend I once was. I’d even like to think I one day I will be again, but the reality is I am a mom. 

I am a working mom, and I am still trying to be good at that.

I am trying to figure out how to run a household, to make sure everyone is where they need to be, on time and with the appropriate attire. I do not know how to add the luxuries of a Friday night drink or a Saturday afternoon coffee.

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I spend my days thinking about what I need to have ready for the diaper bag and when I will squeeze in a trip to the grocery store, not to mention the painstaking task of answering the hardest question known to a mom, “What’s for dinner?”

I have to worry about what clothes are clean and if we have enough baby supplies to last until I can get to Walmart.

I have a baby who is so happy to see me after a long workday that I can’t leave her sight. I can’t leave the room to go to the washroom, let alone go out for dinner with friends.

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We play and bathe and fight to put on PJs, and start our hour-long bedtime process. Slowly move her into her crib without making a noise and sneak out of the room to have a moment alone.

Reluctantly, I start to get lunches ready and lay out my outfit and hers for the next day.

I shower and make sure everything is ready for the next morning as not to wake her, so I can get ready as fast as I can.

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I finally get to bed and look at my phone. I see the missed calls, texts, emails, and invitations and can barely keep my eyes open long enough to respond or even entertain the idea of making plans for next weekend.

I know I am being a bad friend and I really want to be a good one but please understand I am a mom. I am a working mom. And until I figure out how to be that please be patient with me.

Jessica Lepine

I am a new first-time mom with a beautiful baby girl. I am learning every day how to adjust my reality to life after baby. It is fun and interesting and very, very hard.