To my farmer, 

I see your courage and resilience after a stressful and challenging year.

I see the love and passion you have for farming, no matter the circumstances.

I see the hours you spend behind the scenes preparing for another year.

I know the world thinks you only work twice a year, but I see you busting your butt every day—up before the sun and working long after it has gone down.

I see your commitment to providing for us and passing it on to the next generation. 

I know the pressure of getting it right—you can’t have a harvest without planting the seed.

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I know the uncertainty of the grain markets and the unpredictable world events we have seen this past month, but you press on. 

I see your hope for a better year.

I see your faith and trust in God as you plant seeds with no guarantee.

I see your love of the land, the smell of fresh dirt, and the power of the soil.

I know you can’t be with me as much during this time, but it gives me such great joy watching you do what you love day after day. 

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I see your joy in the hope of a new crop and watching it grow.

I see your careful attention as you move on the road from field to field, ensuring everyone’s safety.

Half-asleep, I see your tired body crawl into bed after another long day in the field, knowing there is rain ahead.

I see you anxiously checking the forecast hoping for a window to plant.

I see you bow your head in silent prayer.

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I know you fear another wet spring and the world feels upside down, but that doesn’t stop you.

Most of all, I see you providing for the world the way you know best, growing crops to feed and sustain the world.

I see you, farmer, and I pray for your safety and protection as you plant the seeds of this new crop.

Always remember, though the world might not see you or understand what you are doing out there in the fields this spring, I know and I thank God he made you a farmer.

Thank you for continuing to work and keep this country fed during this crisis—we need you!

Nicole Burke

I’m a newlywed and new farm wife living with my husband in rural northern Illinois. In addition to helping on the farm, I also work an off the farm job doing content marketing for my family’s John Deere dealership. I enjoy sharing all things farm life, faith, marriage and lifestyle! To find out more, visit me on Instagram or my blog at Midwest Farm Wifey!