Remember the days when your mom was only out to get you, to destroy your life and keep you from doing all of the crazy and fun stuff you wanted to do? I do. My mother always put a damper on my social life saying “NO” to this, and “NO” to that.

In my mind, she became someone who clearly didn’t care about my happiness and well-being because I was not allowed to go to someone’s house or participate in some activity at some point in my childhood. Apparently, the food she put on the table, the activities she did let me do, and the roof over my head were just not enough to younger me.

Life with my mom seemed like it was always a fight about something. (You know the snotty teenage years I am referring to…). She wasn’t somebody I cared to be around and was only there to drive me places and pay for the things I needed and wanted.

Fast forward to present day and as a parent of two kids, I can see exactly what I was ungrateful for as I was growing up. My mom is my best friend and I can’t see that changing ever.

She is who I call when something is wrong.

She is who I can share my good news with and the bad news too.

She is my anchor and my voice when I have none.

She is my number one cheerleader and looking back, she always has been even when I didn’t see it.

When I thought she was destroying my life and keeping me from true happiness she was really encouraging me to do well in the things I was able to do and balance school, sports, friends and family functions.

I am so lucky to have a woman like my mom in my life and I hope you are blessed with someone like that, too.

Alexa Basina

Wife, Mom, Administrative Assistant, Dance Teacher, Writer . . . I have many titles and many passions.