There’s a club that no one wants to be in, but it’s much bigger than you think.

It’s the Loss Mom Club.

Moms who long to have their babies in their arms but, for so many different reasons . . . don’t.

Miscarriages, stillbirths, birth defects, genetic disorders, SIDS, accidents, disease, suicide, murder . . . embryos, fetuses, babies, toddlers, adolescents, teenagers, and adults . . . all someone’s children who are no longer here.

It’s a club I was aware of, but from a distance. Because who wants to picture yourself in that club?

But I’m in it. 

And I never thought I’d be thankful for it. 

But I am.

I’m so thankful for this club. 

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Women who get it. They get every aspect of how I feel on any given day. They get that holidays and anniversaries are hard. They get that Thursdays are hard and just random days can be unbearable. They get that big crowds can be overwhelming and that grief-induced social anxiety is very real. They get that text messages don’t always get answered and it’s not personal. They know certain songs, shows, places, and situations can trigger full meltdowns.

They don’t just sympathize . . . they 200% GET IT. Because they’ve walked it before or are currently walking it, too.

Loss moms send little gifts to let you know that you and your child aren’t forgotten. They give you the ring they wore for five years after their child died because you need it now. When a big day is coming up, they text and call and send sweet notes to let you know you’re loved. They put your child’s birthday and death day on their calendars so they can remember her.

It’s a club. 
I’m a member.
And I’m thankful. 

We love each other and we love each other’s babies.

Because we are loss moms . . . and that’s what we do.

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Shelby Skiles

Shelby Skiles is a wife, teacher, and mom to her two-year-old angel, Sophie. Sophie passed away in January 2018 from Lymphoma. Shelby chronicled Sophie’s entire battle through her blog Sophie The Brave and hopes that transparently sharing her journey through, motherhood, cancer, and now grief will inspire others to look passed their circumstances and see that God is bigger than all of it. She’s deeply committed to honoring Sophie’s memory by sharing her story and I spring others to ‘Do More’ and make a difference.