Dear Friend,

I know you are ashamed of your past. You’re ashamed of the mistakes you’ve made. You’re ashamed of the struggles you’ve dealt with. You’re ashamed of what somebody did to you.

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You try to hide it from the rest of the world, hoping it will disappear into the shadows, but it keeps coming back to your mind.

You wonder how God could ever use you when you feel so broken.

Sweet friend, He is mightier than you realize.

He doesn’t see the blemish you focus on. If you’ve asked for forgiveness, it has been washed away. Stop holding it over your own head. Stop holding onto it. Stop letting it keep you from moving forward.

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You know that thing you’re thinking of right now? God can use it. He wants to use it to show his love and redemption. He wants to use it to help others facing the same thing.

You have a story that can touch the heart of someone else, speak encouragement into their lives, and help them break free.

Don’t you see that your past can be used for mighty things?

It doesn’t disqualify you from being used by God.

Will you let Him use it?

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Tynea Lewis

Tynea Lewis is a teacher turned freelance writer and watercolor artist. She and her husband are raising two girls, and they love spending time together at their family cabin. Tynea remembers loving to write as early as first grade, and she has a heart for encouraging women. She writes for various platforms, including Living By Design Ministries and Just Between Us. You can connect with her at, on Instagram (@TyneaLewis) or Facebook (@TyneaLewisWriter). Her original hand-painted greeting cards are available at

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