When you play, I will always . . .

When you peak over at me from first base after cranking one to center field, I will always give you my quiet fist pump.

When you look at me with disappointment from the dugout after striking out—I will always mouth, “Keep your head up.”

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When I see you dismiss something a coach says to you, you will always get that look from me that reminds you about our Family Rule #1 about playing sports.

When I see you doing your signature hip-shake dance at 2nd base in between innings, I will always smile knowing no one can suppress your entertaining personality.

When you are cheering on your teammates from the dugout, I will always make a mental note to praise you for it after the game.

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When you win, when you lose, when you succeed, when you make mistakes, when you have a tough day, when you play your best game . . .

I will always be your biggest cheerleader.

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Brea Schmidt

Brea Schmidt is a writer, speaker and photographer who aims to generate authentic conversation about motherhood and daily life on her blog, The Thinking Branch. Through her work, she aims to empower people to overcome their fears and insecurities and live their truth. She and her husband raise their three children in Pittsburgh, PA.