God sees you, mama of the toddler and the infant, wondering if you could ever possibly be enough for the both of them. 

Are you holding that sweet baby enough and soaking in what she feels like in your arms? Because since she’s your second, you know just how fast this precious time goes. 

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Are you playing with the rambunctious toddler enough? Because you are convinced she won’t be as smart as the other kids if you aren’t. 

Are you making sure each of your children never doubts your undying love for them and they are always treated equally?

Because you had some doubts as a child you never want your children to face.

Are you reminding your daughters daily that they are beautiful and should never be taken for granted by anyone? Because you’ve seen the low self-esteem and the bad choices made by so many young women. 

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Are you keeping their home safe and clean at all times? Are you letting them play outside enough? Are you letting them watch too much TV? Are you feeding them nutritious meals so they don’t grow up to be unhealthy? Are you giving them enough social interaction?

God sees you, mama, fretting over every detail wanting to make sure your children have the perfect childhood.

God sees you, mama with a headache, because you keep forgetting to stop and get a drink of water. Your own basic needs always come last.

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God sees you, mama, putting your career on hold and hoping it will still be there when you get back. If you get back. 

God sees you, mama, feeling like you fall short of every. single. goal. 

And you know what? God sees your heart mama, and his grace is sufficient to cover all of it. 

Kamrie Smith

Kamrie is a rancher’s wife, a mom of two girls, and an EMT. In her free time she enjoys horseback rides in the Montana mountains, coffee walks with friends, playing with her girls, and jotting down thoughts to share with others.