My friend Jackie who lives in Ireland tells a great story about her oldest son. When he was four or five they had a pet goldfish. The poor fish died, so Jackie flushed it and bought a new one, sure that her son would never notice the difference. Later that day, Jackie was in the kitchen and heard her son calling to her. She found him in the bathroom. He was looking into the toilet and saying, “Mama, Mama, look! Fishie! The once-flushed goldfish was swimming around in the toilet very much alive. Jackie helped her son celebrate the long-lost “brother” of the goldfish that was swimming in the fishbowl, and the two goldfish had a happy reunion!

Jackie says she smiles every time she thinks about that resurrected fish.

Isn’t it amazing how a simple story about fish tells us so much about a mother’s love for her child. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is this one from the New Testament book of Matthew, chapter 10, verses 28-31. In these verses, Jesus tells his disciples not to worry, that God even  knows when a sparrow falls, and if He knows that, just imagine how much he cares about people.

When I look up at the night sky, sometimes the immensity and grandeur of the stars absolutely astounds me. I realize how very small our little green and blue earth is and in turn how miniscule I am, and from there I sometimes wonder how the Creator God could ever even spare a thought for me.


One night within my doubt, God reached down to me and placed one lovely thought into my head. “If I’m great enough to create multiple galaxies, interlocking universes, and the very concept of life itself, then why do you think that I’m not big enough to care about each of my creatures?” In other words, I was putting God into a box, walled in by my limited and finite understanding.

How amazing to have a God so incredible, so omnipotent that he cares about the sparrow. And each of us. And even a goldfish, who evidently needed a brother!

I recently asked my FaceBook friends and now will ask you, Is there a special place – or occasion – where or when you feel closest to God?

Sue Harrison

BIO: Novelist Sue Harrison is best known for her Alaska trilogies. Her novels, national and international bestsellers, have been published in more than 20 countries in 13 different languages. Her novel Mother Earth Father Sky was named by the American Library Association as a Best Books for Young Adults. Sue lives with her husband in Michigan, but has family here in Nebraska and love Nebraska's rich history. She is currently writing romantic suspense for the inspirational market. Catch up with Sue on her website and blog – .