Alright, so this morning, when I woke up, my hair was in disarray, my breath WAS NOT fresh, my right hand was still sleeping (I’d clearly slept on it), I had to rush to the bathroom because I’d been up in the wee hours of the morning drinking water, I’d hit snooze like seven times (no, fa real), and I was in a rush to get ready for work. Upon getting dressed, I rushed out of my apartment with my coffee in hand and a barely packed lunch (Not gonna tell you what I packed. It wasn’t even fit to be called “lunch”), and no jacket; it was chilly but I didn’t have time to run back in to get it. When I got to my office, I had a nice work load awaiting my freshly awakened/not so awake brain, so I got to it. My final task of the day seemed to use too many of my brain cells so I closed the document, clocked out, shut down my computer, and went home.

When I got home, I checked my mail, only to find a couple more bills I can’t yet pay. I walked into my apartment and remembered I needed to clean my kitchen, take out the garbage, put away clothes I tossed about while getting dressed for work, put away my hair supplies that were still on my bathroom counter, and then, there were the toys and balloons in random places from my nieces and nephew visiting over the weekend. And all this, on top of THE OTHER STUFF.

All of a sudden, I felt exhausted and overwhelmed…like, I couldn’t breathe, overwhelmed. So, I went to my room, crawled in my bed, and closed my eyes. Yep…I skipped all the adulting and went to bed. Because. I. Just. Couldn’t!

When I woke up, 2 hours later, I went to my kitchen and began washing dishes and I turned on a podcast. The preacher was talking about “The Power of Provision” and how God is waiting for us to give Him our problems so He can make provision for us. Perfect timing because I was seriously trying to figure out what to do with those pesky things (my problems). I have learned when I am overwhelmed, it’s usually because I’ve been trying to figure things out myself. I have moments too, when I just wanna give up and cry myself into oblivion. I think that’s normal. Now, I’m not a big stresser, but I do get worked up from time to time, so I needed this reminder.

So often, we try figure things out on our own. We try to be perfect at our daily tasks but when we fall short, we get discouraged. We must remember that we were not meant to do it alone. We were not meant to be perfect. We are human, flawed individuals (no matter what the song says) that need help, and whoever tells you that you should be “strong and independent” and deal with it, is probably in a boat, blindfolded and sliding over a waterfall themselves.

Always remember God is our help and He will come to our rescue; especially when it feels too late to call Him. Each day, we are given new opportunities to see what we lack, BUT we are also given equal opportunity to see what God offers. We must also see ourselves through His eyes. He says we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalms 139:14), and we must believe that. God never told us to be perfect, He simply told us to trust Him (Proverbs 3:5).

So, the next time, you feel like your flaws are overpowering your awesome, remember that God has all the answers and He is perfect so that we don’t have to be.

Alecia White

Hi! I'm just a girl who loves God and grateful to be saved by His grace. Born and raised in Michigan, I now reside in Indiana. I'm a teacher, blogger, and a super aunt (yes, I have a cape). I love children, writing, and COFFEE (it helps me adult)! I'm excited about life, I LOVE food, and I smile A LOT. Recently, I've been developing my passion for writing and sharing my love for Christ through blogging. Check out my blog, or find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.