Grandmothers are angels. The comfort they radiate is comparable to no other. Their love has no bounds, their patience as deep as the ocean. 

I was blessed to be close to one of my grandmas, the other gone too soon, before I was born. My grandma, or G-ma as I liked to call her, was rock solid. I grew up visiting her weekly, biking to her house a short mile from my own. She always had treats to offer, time to play, and hugs to give. I soaked in those hugs each time I saw her until the day she passed, never taking one for granted. What I wouldn’t give for one of those hugs today.

Grandmothers are angels.

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My three boys are blessed with both of their grandmas, or “mamas” as they like to call them. They have the utmost patience for two wild boys and an infant baby boy. The endurance to play on the floor for hours, whether it’s animals, cars, dragons, or building castles. Their grandmas play just as hard as these young boys, and it shows. The overwhelming feeling of love triples in our home whenever a grandma pops over.

Grandmothers are angels.

I hope my boys know how blessed they are someday. That they know the love each grandma has poured into them.

We often hear, “Well that’s just what grandmas are for. That’s what grandmas do.” These grandmas do more than we could ever ask of them with a smile on their faces.

Grandmothers are angels. 

My husband is still blessed with each of his grandmas, now my boys’ great-grandmas. We don’t see them nearly as much as we would like to or as much as we should. When we are able to, those moments are endearing. These great-grandmas offer a calming presence, years and years of being a grandma is now a natural personality traitit’s in their blood. A birthday card never late, they’re always ensuring my boys are being thought of. They ensure their grandson is being thought of. And they ensure I am being thought of, despite not being a granddaughter by blood.

Grandmothers are angels. 

If you are reading this and you are a grandmother, know how loved you are. Know how appreciated you are even if it’s not always spoken out loud. While your grandchildren may be your greatest blessing, you are a blessing to your grandchildren, whether they know how to show it or not. The happiness they emanate at the mere mention of your name when you’re not around is grander than you could ever imagine.

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Grandmothers are angels on earth. Some are angels in Heaven, watching proudly from above. I look forward to the day I’ll be reunited with my G-ma, and the grandma I never got to meet. For now though, I look forward to each time one of my son’s faces light up at the mention of their mama or the laughter they emit as a grandma walks in the door. 

Grandmas, we love you. And we are so grateful for you. Grandmothers are angels.

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Ashley Daniels

Ashley is a stay-at-home mommy to three little boys, ages 3, 2, and 4 months. She enjoys coffee by the potful, preferably lukewarm, using the bathroom on her own, and moments of silence in quick, 5-minute increments. Ashley enjoys writing in her free time, allowing her the ability to reflect and to be grateful for the life she's been given.