One of the most precious memories from my girlhood, was spending time with my grandmother. She was a constant for me in a rough sea, and her love was unfailing. Though I’m sure it happened, I never remember her raising her voice, chastising me, or being disappointed with me.

I only remember love.

One way she loved me, was through her cooking. Her sweet corn, goulash, bread and butter, roast, mashed potatoes, and on and on served in her kitchen on a little blue and white table or in the dining room with a lace tablecloth and cloth napkins on holidays. Seated on a phone book so my head would rise above the table, I was able to watch her skillfully handle dinner, table service, conversation, and still remained composed and beautiful. I feel I must share with you a picture of my loving grandparents, they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this year! You can even see a peek of one of those lovely tablecloths in the background.

Grandma's No Bake Cookies
This is why, the most prized gift I received at my wedding shower was a stack of recipe cards with my favorites of my grandma’s dishes. I’m not sure if the plastic recipe sleeves, the recipes themselves, or my grandmother’s sweet handwriting is my favorite part, but whenever I feel homesick, down in the dumps, or miss my grandma I pull out the cards and cook something up. Her love is still constant, and I feel it when I make her food.

I am so proud to share with you one of my all time favorite recipes, my grandma’s No Bake Cookies. I’m telling you, hands down, these are the best no bakes you’ll ever try and to be honest, they truly are my favorite cookies.

The recipe could not be simpler. Combine your dry ingredients, the oatmeal, coconut and chocolate chips.


Grandma's No Bake Cookies

Then on the stove top, melt the butter. Add your milk and sugar, and bring the mixture to a boil. You must stir continuously as it boils for three minutes. Do not stop to take a picture like said blogstress, or else. If you choose to add burnt sugar flavoring, which I very highly suggest, add it now.

Grandma's No Bake Cookies

Then, simply pour the hot mixture over your dry ingredients. Mix it together with a large spoon until it is thoroughly combined, and finally drop onto waxed paper to dry. Try not to eat the batter because impatient mouths often get burned. The cookies set up in about 30 minutes depending upon the humidity and heat in your kitchen.

Grandma’s No Bake Cookies

Combine in a large mixing bowl:

3 Cups Oatmeal
¾ Cups Coconut
1 Cup Chocolate Chips

In a pan bring to boiling, stirring constantly for three minutes.

2 Cups Sugar
½ Cup Milk
1 Stick Butter

Pour over first mixture, mix well, and drop onto waxed paper. You may add nuts or a small amount of burnt sugar flavoring.
Grandma's No Bake Cookies

Rachel Manley

Rachel Manley is a happy stay-at-home mom of six, six and under. A Nebraska native, she now lives in central Iowa where she often craves Runza, Valentino’s, and Papa Ray’s Pizza. Once a middle school math teacher, she decided to stay home after the birth of her second child and hasn’t looked back…very often. She spends her days reading board books, pushing swings, building train tracks, and giving hugs. By the grace of God Rachel converted to Catholicism in 2004, and soon thereafter married her high school sweetheart. She strives everyday to do the little things, as St. Thérèse did, and to live her life pleasing to Him.