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Grandparents say grandkids are the joy of their lifeI think they got it backward.

Grandparents are such a special treasure, and they shape the lives of their grandchildren in an immeasurable way.  

It’s magical weekends at Grandma’s filled with fresh chocolate chip cookies and void of rules.

It’s planting in the garden with Grandma and running through the speckled sun beneath her deck.

It’s sun-drenched afternoons at her neighborhood pool with popsicles and floaties.

It’s Grandpa sneaking the snack pack in at bedtime for one more treat.

It’s more creativity and imagination than you ever dreamed of.

It’s having them at every special life event as you stumble and grow.

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It’s driving to their house first when you get your driver’s license.

It’s hearing Grandpa’s whistle above the crowd at your high school graduation.

It’s weekend trips to their house during college for laundry, food, and conversation.

It’s cooking together with the same trusted cookbook Grandma has used since you were born.

It’s seeing Grandma and Grandpa wave (and Grandma cry) every time you leave.

It’s calling for a family recipe even though you hold it in your hands.

It’s gaining knowledge and understanding as you grow about just how special they are.

It’s dancing with Grandpa on your wedding day.

It’s Grandma’s words of comfort in the delivery room when you’ve been laboring for 60 hours.

It’s the love and pride on their faces when they hold your firstborn for the first time.

It’s Grandma taking care of you after each of your babies is born.

It’s seeing them treasure your babies just as they treasured you.

It’s doing life with them.

It’s them being present for all your children’s special events.

It’s the hug you give them after the first and second stroke, so relieved they are still with you.

It’s the squeeze of Grandma’s hand during the hospice meeting when you can’t keep your emotions in check.

It’s the confidence and grace she carries as she steps closer and closer to meeting Jesus.

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It’s the love and memories you hold in your heart as you’re walking her home to be with her Creator.

It’s when she waits until you’re at her bedside before she lets go of her time on earth.

It’s her legacy of living and loving and shining like Jesus that is the true joy in life. 

It’s being gifted her trusty cookbook after her death with your favorite recipes marked inside.

It’s the immeasurable ways they have shaped and molded your life for the better.

These are the moments that make life worth living.  

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