Written By:  Leslie Means

A few days ago I saw a Facebook post floating around that mentioned cooking eggs in the oven instead of boiling them on the stove.

I was intrigued and called my mother – obviously.

Mom saw that floating around online as well. She too was curious. Determined, I set out to give this strange tip a try. I wanted to know if this method worked, I needed to dye Easter eggs and I had a serious hankering for an egg salad sandwich.

So we tackled it.

The girls and I got out our mini muffin pan (which was surprisingly not packed away in storage – aka, scary rental basement) and placed 10 eggs in to the pan.


We set the oven to 350 (preheat first!), and held our breath. After 25 minutes I checked them.

Not yet done.

Now this was the nervous part. So many different sites online gave me different temperature settings and length of time to cook. I ended up cooking 10 large eggs for 33 minutes at a temp of 350 degrees. And the end result?

PicMonkey Collage


Perfect for decorating…

Perfect for eating, too!

If you need to cook a large batch of eggs at one time or have limited stove top space, I would give this method a try!

Hard Cooked Eggs ~ In the Oven

  • Place eggs in mini-muffin pan (this prevents them from rolling all over the oven).
  • Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
  • Place eggs in oven for 30 minutes. (You may want to use a test egg to see if they are done).
  • Put eggs in ice bath for about 10 minutes. (This is just ice and water in a large bowl or sink).
  • Enjoy!

Here’s a tasty recipe for Deviled Eggs with Applewood Smoked Olives!


Leslie Means

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