Written by Jennifer Sill

Welcome to the future!

Her View From Home has a new look. (And we’ll probably keep changing things a bit here and there.)

I want to walk you through a couple of the things we changed.

First, there are a bunch of things that matter in a woman’s world. Each day (probably each minute) we are all thinking about our families, homes, what’s for dinner, how to keep ourselves healthy and stylish, what’s going on this weekend, a DIY project, saving money and – oh, yes – trying to stay ‘sane’ in the middle of all that.

We want to help.

This site breaks down all those ‘Things That Matter to Her’. Each day Every few hours we touch on one of these subject.

Here’s the schedule:

7am  – Her Family: Stories about survival from the mundane day-t0-day stuff to the extrordinary hurdles.

9am – Her Self: Healthy living, exercise, fashion tips, hair styles, sex life, marriage, taking care of the parents — all that fits here.

11am – Her Kitchen: recipes!! Some super impressive, some super simple. ALL super yummy!

1pm – Her Home: Save money, save time, DIY projects in the home and in the garden

4pm – Her Community: Giveaways from some of our favorite businesses and places, what’s happening this weekend, beautiful rural pictures

7pm – Her Sanity: Ways to simplify your life, projects for the kids, Must Haves, movie reviews, drink recipes, book club and other stuff that keeps us sane

Every couple hours the website changes just a little to touch on these topics. You’ll see this box change:

You can ALWAYS find what matters most to you at any time down here in this box:

And (like the box says) some of our “All Time Favorites” go here:

Over on the right hand side we’ve also added a fun new box. It files away our “Most Recent”, “Most Popular” and “Random Thoughts”

**The Random thoughts takes you to conversations on Facebook. Those sometimes get pretty heated and are sometimes pretty fun!

Examples: “Do Iowans have Cream Cheese mints?” or “How do I clean my front-loading washing machine?” or “Should I read 50 Shades of Grey?”

We’ve also made it a little easier to comment (because we really do CARE about YOUR VIEW!!)

You should be able to comment right from Facebook.


Those are the MAJOR changes.

I’ll also show you a couple really cool features that WE dig.

1. Click on a story and then the writer’s name. You can find all the stories they’ve ever written.

2. Click on one of those categories at the top or in the “What Matters” section or in the “Browse by Theme” section. It takes you to a page all about that topic. (Those pages will only get cooler and cooler btw)

3. Her Giveaway. The button on the side takes you to the latest BIG giveaway. You have to watch for the “flash” giveaways (Hint: They are usually on Fridays and run through the weekend.)

4. Her Newsletter. Yeah, this might sound like we’d fill you in box with a bunch of crappy e-mail. We don’t. And we don’t sell your e-mail address either. This just signs you up for an e-mail once a day with all of our posts listed. (That way you don’t HAVE to visit every two hours…. even though we’d love to see you that often!!)  The newsletter is for you busy folks.

 What do you think? We would love to hear from you!

Click here to find out what Jen, Leslie and Heather REALLY think of the changes!


Jen Sill

For nearly 15 years Jennifer spent her time clawing her way up the chain as a television producer and newsroom manager. She's helped create and produce newscasts and talkshows. Just as she was realizing some of her professional goals, she decided to give it all up for a family. Although Jennifer has lived in Miami and L.A., she has always called Nebraska home. She always knew she wanted to raise her children in the Midwest. Jennifer is now trying to find her way in a new world. She may be frenzied and frazzled sometimes, but she would not give up being a mom to her almost four year old and her almost two year old for anything.