Hey, guys! Jacey here. I have been behind the scenes for over a year and a half, popping up from time to time, but you are going to be hearing from me more often now. Take a peek at my bio to learn a little more about me, grab a coffee and get comfy because I need some advice….or just someone to listen to my thoughts on this beautiful Saturday morning…

So, here’s the thing…I got stuck this week. Not in my vehicle, but in my mind. I work hard, I do what needs to be done and then some, I succeed in almost everything I take on and yet I haven’t found a way to stop getting stuck every so often.

Life can be hard. Sometimes you just can’t physically or mentally do what it is that needs to be done. A spell is cast, motivation gets thrown out the window, the bed calls your name and just like that you’re up to your neck in blankets, three movies deep in a Netflix marathon.

It’s tough to have a perfect life. Let’s be real—it’s never going to be perfect. Nevertheless it’s your life; you do what you want with it. I want to do a lot with mine! My dreams and ambitions are HUGE. This business right here, Her View From Home, is a big part of those dreams and ambitions.

It’s just natural that HVFH is going to grow—heck, it already has in just less than three years. (Whoa, has it really been three years!?) The past co-founders have worked their tails off for this business, but now there is just one left. Luckily I get to sit right beside that awesome lady, Leslie. Together we get to continue to build on to this castle, making it bigger and stronger as time goes on. We know it is going to exist forever and that it will be even more wildly successful, but right now it’s work! We are very hands-on (Leslie, more so than myself even). We both have our own responsibilities to keep things running smoothly. We work well together and always are encouraging and supporting the other. It just works. Two hardworking gals who are determined and goal oriented might just be an unstoppable combination!

Like I said, it is work! I don’t know how Leslie does it. She might be used to it. She just might be immune to getting stuck or hitting blocks regarding her work for HVFH, in that case I need to be asking her for some pointers.

The case of being “stuck”—a  road block, a wall, the gateless gate, whatever you want  to call it—can be  quite a challenge. If you know me at all, you know that I am looking on the brighter side of things even if these blocks are dark and gloomy. I say that if anything can help you overcome this obstacle, it will be the gift of positivity. So what if it’s hard (like really hard)? Don’t make excuses as to why you can put off working on a particular task, hit it head on.

That’s what I did this week. I hit a block. I could not write one more word, I couldn’t schedule one more post, I couldn’t respond to one more comment. My to-do list was long; my crossing off of tasks was barely keeping up with my addition of tasks. The combination of my HVFH responsibilities with personal duties and the stress from what we call our “real jobs” was overwhelming my brain. And just like that a spell was cast. For a short amount of time motivation left my determined soul and doubt of my own abilities began creeping in.

Note that I said “a short amount of time.” It wasn’t long before I was kicking myself. What was this funk I was in? I don’t let overwhelming feeling shut me down. That’s not me.

So I preceded to myself a pep talk. “I am awesome. I work hard. I get shit done. I am positive. I am optimistic. Good things come to me!”  

This is when I decided that that this block was indeed a personal, mental challenge. There are good things that come from blocks; I just needed to pinpoint it and believe it. I found it and I believe it. Rise above. Be optimistic. Blocks come to challenge me. (There it is—the brighter side of blocks!) The block that is in front of you is challenging you to grow!

See my bio over there on the right? Personal growth is one thing that I am continuously working on. If I think of blocks as a requirement of personal growth, it makes it that much easier to begin working towards breaking through. I can fulfill those requirements. I can do this, I just need to start moving and continue with the forward momentum.

And that is exactly what I did. I got back on my computer and I hit it head on. My pep talk and my new found way of thinking about blocks got my butt in gear.

I still don’t know how exactly to make it through without getting stuck every now and again. I also don’t know the answer of getting past the blocks each time. I don’t have a perfect answer. What I do know is that everything happens for a reason. If a block appears in my life, I asked for it and I can break through it. Learning from those before me, working hard, and staying positive is going to be key for the continual success of my dreams and ambitions.

Here’s to being stuck, rising above, being optimistic, and getting unstuck!


Thanks for joining me this morning with what ever beverage you are sipping on and listening to my latest thoughts and feelings on life. Do you ever get stuck? Do blocks ever arise in front of you? How do you handle the situations and what advice can you share with others? Please add to the discussion in the comments section. (Don’t worry, you can use an alias if you want and your email address is never made public! Go ahead–comment away!)

Jacey Edson

Jacey is one of the most fun-loving, energetic and positive people you may ever meet! She lives every day to its fullest and continuously looks for ways to become a better human being. She has a passion for inspiring other women (and men) to practice self-love, compassion and gratitude while connecting them with like-minded individuals. Her passion intertwines with that of Her View from Home—to connect your view with the rest of the world—which is why she gravitated toward the lifestyle blog and eventual joined the HVFH team as the VP of Marketing. She is married to a great man who supports her and all she pursues. Together they own a cat, Luna, who you may hear about from time to time; they have no children as of now, maybe in the future!