Written by Jennifer Sill

This week’s ‘Pinspiaration’ is a meal and an ‘art project’. Mac-n-Cheese Octopus. Some adults may think the name and/or pictures sound/look kind of gross. But my kiddos LOVED making and eating them!



-1/2 a box of Spaghetti – split in half
-4 Hot Dogs – cut in chunks
-Velveeta – 1/8 of a big log of it
-2 Tablespoons butter (we used I can’t Believe It’s Not)


-Boil the Water. 
-While Mom is boiling the water, have the kiddos stick spaghetti through the hot dog chunks.
-Add hot dog chunks w/spaghetti and extra speghetti to the boiling water
-Boil for 8 minutes (or until pasta is al-dente)
-Drain water from pasta
-Add Velveeta and butter and stir
-Serve immediately

Here’s some pics of our fun:


Everything in the boiling waterStrain. Put back in bowl. Add cheese and butter. Then Stir.Serve right away. Even my 15-month old LOVED it! (I did not place that spaghetti on his head.)


Serve right away. Even my 15-month old LOVED it! (I did not place that spaghetti on his head.)

My Pinspiration (and a couple other cute hot dog ideas):

Source: Indulgy

Source: Tip Junkie

Source: Not found on Pinterest. Took me to a virus page. I reported. 🙂  Still a fun idea!


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