About a week before I gave birth, I had a total meltdown.

What was it over you might ask?

Financial troubles? Politics? Traffic?


Try… pizza. PIZZA, people.

9-month-pregnant me had a serious hankering for her favorite pizza. (And some of you might already be thinking— “What the heck, she could eat pizza?! No fair!”) Naturally, my sweet and supportive husband took me to dinner at the posh pizzeria a few blocks down. Well, somehow, someway, my “pregnancy brain” inadvertently ordered the one pizza on the menu that I legitimately despised. (I seriously could have devoured every pizza listed EXCEPT for that one).

How does that happen!?

…But seriously how?!

When it came out, you would have thought that somebody had slapped my grandma. I was appalled and mortified. Frankly, that pizza was OFFENSIVE. I couldn’t even look at it. (But once I did, it was with a full-on scowl.)

Then, I cried (duh).

Not only did I cry, but I also insisted that we leave the restaurant. (Not my proudest moment).

HOLY EMOTIONS! I got the all-inclusive package apparently—because I was sad, angry, confused and embarrassed all at the same time. First, because I didn’t get the pizza that I had been craving all day (you know, the one I thought I had ordered). Second, because I was acting absurdly, and I knew it, but couldn’t shake the crazy. Third, because, man dang, how did I order my least favorite pizza on the menu?!

Come to think of it, food was always involved with my meltdowns.

Me to husband: “You cooked chicken when I assumed that you were going to grill salmon?!!” (Why can’t you read my mind. DO YOU EVEN LOVE ME?!?)

Pregnancy hormones are the REAL. DEAL.

If you’re anything like me, you may be crying over pizza one minute, then irrationally upset over something else at the next.

That’s pregnancy for you.

Random cry sessions. Unusual annoyances. Mood swings that seem to ambush you (and your husband).

Looking back, my mister and I crack up at the “pizza story.” It was ridiculous no matter how we slice it! You, however, may not be looking back just yet. You may be in the thick of it, and still feeling a liiiiittle like a crazy person.

If that’s you, be encouraged. So much is happening in your body right now. Like, WHOA. You could very well be making a foot today, or an eyeball. It’s serious business in there. Each hormonal flux is simply a reminder of your little miracle in the making, who will be baked to perfection, and delivered before you know it.

So hey… first of all, be kind and understanding toward yourself— You’re making an actual HUMAN! (And you are doing the best you can). Second of all, take it easy on your man. It’s difficult for him to really understand what you’re going through. (But I think he’s doing the best he can too).

Even though you’re the one saying –sayonara— to sushi and champagne, even though you’re the one hugging the toilet every week (hopefully this will be a distant memory soon), even though you’re the one who seems to be “taking it all for the team,” stop and remember that you’re in this together. Remember that he needs your support just as much as you need his. Remember that he will always be there for you—through thick or thin— (wait, or is that pizza?). 😛

Ladies— Your partner, in all likelihood, is sympathizing with you the best he knows how. Yes, you may be bearing the brunt of the operation (understatement of the century), but that can’t mean he doesn’t deserve your mutual respect, compassion and appreciation. (Because let’s be real—hormones aren’t fun for either of you).

If you’re one of the fortunate ones who snagged her a supportive man, then show him some love today. Our complaints and disparagements are often heard louder than our affirmation and applause. So, tell your baby daddy that you value him and recognize all he does for you. Tell him you’re thankful for the man he is and the father he will be. Tell him that he’s hot and delicious, (you know, like pizza).

Carrying that little bun in your oven comes with unique adversities for both of you, but every hard thing, hormones included, can be overcome—especially when you work together and take it one bite at a time.

The secret ingredients? –A little bit of grace and a whole lot of gratitude. Guaranteed.

Morgan Morris

Morgan is a former Miss Oklahoma USA, model, and missionary, who spends most of her recent days learning how to “mom” and be a military wife. Fueled by the good Lord, her two favorite redheads, and quality coffee, her love for writing and connecting with other women grows daily. Morgan has a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry, and a Ph.D. in bubble baths. Born to explore, with 30+ countries under her belt to prove it. She hasn’t been everywhere, but it’s on her list. To learn more, you can find Morgan on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @mrsmorganmorris.