Dear husbands,

Thank you for showing up when we can’t. You scoop the poop, cut the grass and change the oil.

You hold tools more than you hold small hands, but you love with the same fierceness as your wife and she sees it.

She sees you come through the door dirty and sometimes defeated, but she also sees you beam with delight when the kids call your name before you can drop your stuff.

You work long hours, only to come home to a honey-do list a mile long.

You stand in the gaps she can’t fill. You pick up her slack when she’s overwhelmed.

You tell her she’s beautiful with spit-up on her shirt and a three-day-old bun in her hair.

You steady the ship when it starts to sway.

You take the lovable oaf narrative in stride while knowing it doesn’t apply to you.

You do the hard parts when she can’t bear to look.

You’re a provider.

Her helpmate.

Her partner.

Her lover.

Her best friend.

You do your very best to show your family their value, and she wants you to know she sees you and appreciates you.

She appreciates you coming to the rescue more often than not.

Figuring things out, when no one received a manual.

Seeing her at her worst and never judging.

Loving her when she is having trouble loving herself.

Thank you for always seeing the best in her, even when she only focuses on her flaws.

You see her and she wants you to know, she sees you, too.

The wives

Originally published on Stop Yelling Please by Jacalyn Wetzel


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Jacalyn Wetzel

Jacalyn is a mother of four, and the creator of the blog Stop Yelling Please. She writes about motherhood in a way that most can relate. Jacalyn’s passion is parenting and relating to parents who may be struggling with the day to day. She’s a speaker, author and Licensed Clinical Social Worker.