When I feel like I can’t do one more thing.

When I am overwhelmed and touched out and lost in the logistics of it all.

When my physical and mental energy are depleted.

When the length of my to-do list needs more hours than I have.

When I am so bone tired that I’m sure I just can’t go on.

And there is still more to do.

And the only choice is to keep going–

I keep going.

I dig a little deeper and find strength I didn’t know I had.

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I’ve sat on the floor, eyes filled with tears, just knowing I couldn’t do one more thing. I’ve indulged in the idea of giving up and walking away from the heavy load. I’ve prayed that God will lift me up and help me through this moment.

And then I got up, wiped my eyes, and I did what needed to be done.

Because as moms, we have to show up. When the party needs to be hosted even though the baby was up all night. When you’re sick but so are your kids, and they need you to rub their foreheads and bring them medicine and find their favorite stuffy. When the camping trip went south, and you need to pack it in in a hurry all by yourself. When it’s the middle of the night after an impossibly long day, but someone had a bad dream and needs you to hold them. We keep going.

Not every day is this hard.

Often enough, there is time for a break, time to unwind and recharge. But in those moments when we need a break now but can’t take it yet, we dig in and push through to do what needs to get done. We’re there because our families need us. Because we love them too much to give up. Because no matter how tired we are, we want to give them the world.

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And no matter how tired I’ve been, how utterly certain I’ve been that I can’t do anymore–when what needs to be done is for my family, I’ve always found the strength to do what it takes. Some days are so hard and some challenges feel insurmountable. But there is no better motivation in the world than taking care of my family.

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