CrossFit, most people have at least heard about it. I feel like lately only the negatives get discussed when brought up in conversation. I just recently hit two years of doing CrossFit and have been thinking about why I have continued to stick with it. I never stick to anything, especially something fitness related. The more I thought about it, I realized how much it has taught me physically and mentally. It’s made me a better person.

Things I have learned from CrossFit:

Prior to CrossFit two years ago, I had never picked up a weight in my life. When I started I didn’t allow myself to move heavy weight because I told myself for so long I wasn’t strong. I believed I was weak from the outside in. The longer I stick with CrossFit the more mind blown I become with just how strong I truly am!



Like most people, I hate to fail, especially in front of others. If you think you won’t fail at CrossFit you are wrong. I fail daily, it makes me humble myself and remind myself its ok not to be perfect. This has transferred outside of the gym, I’m less afraid to try new things, even if that means I make a fool of myself and fail. Failure motivates success. 


There is something about CrossFit that has given me more confidence. Confidence to tackle a tough WOD (workout of the day) Confidence to get through a tough day, a new experience or anything life throws my way. Mentally it’s made me stronger, which has given me more confidence. Confidence that started in the gym and lead me to believe I can truly do anything, like become a trainer. I now coach kids and adults, its crazy to me and wouldn’t have happened if I wouldn’t have gained confidence in myself. And those days you come in lacking confidence, the trainers and community of people will help build you up and believe in you and remind you to believe in yourself. Because you’re worth it. 

They say the community makes the box. It’s true. From the moment you walk in, you instantly have a whole crowd of people who truly want to see you succeed and will cheer you on through every milestone, push you to work towards your goals and will be there to pick you up when you fall. CrossFit is more than a gym. It’s a community of people all there for the same reason, to better themselves. They become family. 


Ultimately it’s you vs. you. You’re trying to be better than you were yesterday. I am my biggest competitor. However, I have competed twice now and each time I surprise myself with my performance. The competition drives you to work harder, faster and stronger than the person next to you. But as soon as the first person finishes, they’re right next to you cheering you on through every last rep. They remind you, your biggest competition is you. They want you to push yourself further than you did yesterday. 


I’ve never been dedicated to anything fitness related. I was never big into sports and dreaded every practice and game I ever played. It felt like a chore. CrossFit is different. Some days, its the highlight of my day. I go to CrossFit when I’m sore, when I’m tired, when I’ve had a good day, when I’ve had a bad day and when i’m too busy to breathe because I know it’s making me better. A better athlete and a better person. And I’m dedicated to making myself better. 

A number doesn’t matter:
One of my favorite parts about CrossFit is that it doesn’t matter your age or your weight. If you walk through the doors, you will be able to complete some version of the workout. CrossFit has taught my to love my body and focus on how strong I am, not what the scale tells me. My body is strong and capable of more than I ever gave it credit. I started CrossFit about 5 months into my weight loss journey at 245 pounds. At that point the extent of my workouts were walking, spinning and the elliptical. I kept to those things because I was still embarrassed of my weight, I had no confidence and I still wasn’t sure I was even going to be able to stick to this crazy process. CrossFit taught me otherwise. It has truly transformed my body and my life. 


Have you tried CrossFit? If not, what’s keeping you from trying? 
Or maybe you are a fellow CrossFitter, what keeps you going back for more? 

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Sara Theesen

Sara has struggled with her weight her entire life. After losing over 100 pounds at 20 years old, she is on a quest to help others overcome their battles with weight. Sara is currently a student at UNK studying Health and PE K-12 with a minor in nutrition. She also is a certified CrossFit L1 CrossFit kids trainer at CrossFit Archway. You can follow her blog at and follow her on Facebook at Fat to Freedom.