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To my dearest, most difficult daughter,

You argue with me. A lot.

You never want to brush your hair. Your bedroom always “looks fine.” And, well, maybe the fourth time’s a charm when you plead with me over snacks before dinner.

Some days, you test me.

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You test your limits and how long it will take to get in trouble for whatever it is you’re doing. I suspect you already know, but still, you try.

You never let ANYTHING go.

When you want something–no matter what it is, where it is, how much it costs, or how long it takes to acquire–you will make your case for it. And you will not rest until you’re satisfied . . . or it’s bed time.

You have a temper.

You are sassy.

You are headstrong.

You drive me absolutely crazy.

But, if I’m being truly honest . . . 

I love it all.

I love every “difficult” thing about you.

OK, so obviously I have to set some boundaries (because that’s what moms do). And, yeah, we go toe-to-toe on the daily . . .

But, these “difficult” traits–someday, they’re going to help you go places. They’re going to protect you. They will be your strength.

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Difficult is just another word for tough.

It’s another word for ambitious.


To my dearest, most difficult daughter,

I secretly admire you.

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Jennifer Otto

I'm Jennifer. I'm a preschool teacher turned stay-at-home-mom. Yeah - I get it. That statement just screams: 'The Wheels on the Bus' is my anthem. But, I assure you, it's not! I spend my days drinking coffee, cussing out the laundry, and taking care of my four kids. I own a personal blog called, I Wore This Yesterday, where I write about my life. Sometimes I use it to vent about motherhood. Sometimes it's fluffy. Bottom line - I have very little filter and love sharing my highs, lows, and laughs!

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