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Oh, my sweet little child, I wish you could stay this little forever. I wish these days would never end.

They are busy, loud, and chaotic—but, oh, how I love them! They make my life feel whole. Complete.

I don’t know what I will do when these days are gone.

I will miss your sweet little face looking up at me. The innocence in your eyes. Your sweet little grin.

I will miss how your face lights up when you see me. How your little arms manage to give me the biggest hugs. How I can make everything better with only hugs and kisses.

Oh, how I will miss these days.

I will miss being your favorite person. Your idol. The person you go to for everything. The only person who can find that missing toy. The only person who can get you dressed. The only person who can wipe your tears away.

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I will miss being your number one. The person you look up to. The person who in your eyes is perfect.

Oh, how I will miss these days.

I will miss hearing “Mommy” being called over and over again. I will miss being needed 24/7.

I will miss the mess. The clutter of toys. The endless dishes. The piles of laundry. The sticky little fingers and messy little faces.

Oh, how I will miss these days.

I will miss the sleepless nights.

The nursing of little babies to sleep. The cuddling of little toddlers to sleep. Being called in the darkness to check for monsters and strange sounds. Then lying down in little beds to comfort you back to sleep.

Oh, how I will miss these days.

The little giggles over simple things. The wild imaginations. The make-believe games. The silly songs and silly stories. The little dance parties.

The endless crafts and drawings for mommy. I will treasure those forever!

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Oh, how I will miss these days.

These days are precious and by far the best chapter in my life.

I wish my children could stay little forever. But they will grow, and I will start the next chapter in my life. The memories I make now will last me a lifetime.

So, I will treasure every moment with my littles.

I will laugh with them.

I will sing with them.

I will dance with them.

I will comfort them.

I will give them lots of hugs and kisses.

But most of all, I will love them with everything inside me. I am so blessed to have my wonderful little humans! They are my whole world.

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Courtney Hughes

I'm a busy mom of four, soon to be five, little ones! My bonus son is 9, my daughter is 6, and my two youngest boys are 4 and 1. With the final addition coming this summer. There's always something to do and always someone to tend to! We reside in the country on the East Coast of Canada with my husband. I recently took up blogging and started my own online shop, MaritimeMamaShop, as a little side hobby for myself. Motherhood is a wonderful, but hard journey, and we moms need a little something for ourselves to keep our sanity! Come visit me at! You can also follow me on Facebook or Instagram @maritimemamashop

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