I looked out my kitchen window this morning and watched my little boy swinging and singing in the sunshine. And I thought of your little boy, born this morning.

Your bundle of joy reminds me of all the unappreciated but miraculous processes that keep us alive every day.

Every heartbeat that counts. Every breath that rises and falls like a rhythmic sunrise and sunset. Every brainwave that translates kisses into messages of love.

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You chose this for him. A sweet opportunity to experience the most precious foundations of life.

You didn’t have to. Some told you not to. But you chose life anyway.

All the extra days you put into growing him. All the extra tiredness you pushed through. All the extra energy you spent reading to him in the womb. It created this beautiful gift of a boy, whose life and story have already blessed many people and will continue to do so. All because you chose the harder path.

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I know there were countless moments you wanted to give up. I know you questioned your ability to do this. I know you prayed your guts out. But today you made it, my friend.

He’s here. And he’s wanted.

The wisdom of a fallen world said it wasn’t worth it. He wasn’t worth it. But he was. And he is. He may only live on this earth for a few days, but he will have the most love-filled days known to man.

You chose the pain and agony of labor so he could have those few breaths, those few cuddles, those few whispers of adoration. It may not be the way you dreamed it would be, but some heavenly day, he will rise up with the rest of your children and call you blessed.

Jess Litterell

My husband and I have five in the hive, three of which are teens. We homeschool and eat. When I’m not busy doing what I should, I do what I can. And today, that means writing to you.