I did it. 

I’m not sure what clicked. 

But hearing a message from a couple of different areasin my faith, my loved ones, with my mom friends, my career inspiration crew. 

I embraced that I have a choice. 

I can continue to ignore the things I know make my soul alive and happy or I can make the time.

I made a stand for me. 

For me to start treating myself better

So I can then be 100 percent for the ones I love the most, treating them better, loving them with even more of me.  

I’m choosing to spend time seeking out what really makes me feel good. 

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A snooze button for some doozy cuddled up moments with all of our littles who magically appeared in our bed in the wee hours of the night. 

A coffeehot or cold or even lukewarmbut enjoyed in the sunshine. 

A pen in my hand while spending time with God reading my devotionals and writing down my prayers. 

An episode of New Girl while snuggled up with my husband. 

A dance party with my family when our living room becomes my little ones’ stage and every thing a microphone. 

A quick conversation with family catching up on daily life. 

A hug from my mom and dad. 

A dairy-free dieteven though I love me some cheese, I love me more, and goat cheese works.

A sweata hard, athletic, energetic sweat. 

An inside joke exchange with my husband over the hustle and bustle of daily life, that smiling expression when he looks up at me. 

A conversation with a friend even if it happens to be over long-winded voicemails or video messages. 

A loud woohoo! with arms reaching up to the sky in celebration when I hear good news. 

A drive with windows down, blaring a very eclectic playset. 

A good book or podcast. 

A really cold beer. 

These are the things that are becoming non-negotiable for me again. 

Things that bring joy into the little and big moments of life. 

Really, things that for my life feel like both the little and big moments. 

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The mental snapshots I will carry with me moving forward. 

They are what feels like the true me. 

I’m thankful to have rediscovered these pieces of me and to be in a place in my life to stand in them confidently. 

So this is me at 33. 

It may have taken me a while to get hereand although I have felt close before, there were surely some scenic detoursI know there is a long way to go, but my goodness, I am thankful for this now. 

Tiffany Frederick

Tiffany is a mother of three littles who resides in Leesburg, Virginia with her husband Casey. She loves finding ways to connect with people and making memories with her family. As a working from home Mom running her own real estate business and teaching preschool to her two older littles her life is very full. Tiffany shares her life journey and the commitment to taking on the daily challenge of living presently - on the blog Not Lucky Simply Blessed.