It takes a special dad to raise a special child.

Sometimes you may feel you are unnoticed after having a child with a disability, subsequently silencing your pain.

I hear you in your silence.

Life as you once expected, suddenly spins in a different direction . . . dreams and hopes you had for your child change.

I acknowledge your pain.

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You sleep against the wall in the hospital waiting room so your wife can stay in the ICU with your child when a precarious medical complication leaves you so insecure you do not want to leave the hospital.

I notice your sacrifice.

You take on a high-stress job in order for your family to get good health insurance for the many procedures that will be needed. You also work long and tiring hours to provide for your family.

I see your stress.

You find an innovative way to teach your child balance due to his physical disability so he can learn how to ride a bike.

I appreciate your resourcefulness.

You assist in coaching your son’s little league baseball games after pulling your night shift at work.

You are devoted.

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You use your vacation time for an upcoming medical procedure your child is having.

You are selfless.

You pray for your family.

God hears your prayers.

To all the dads helping raise a child with a special need, and especially to my husband: You are loved and appreciated!

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Lisa Brown

Hey Y'all! I'm Lisa Brown. I am a "pseudo-retired" special education teacher of 16 years, now working part-time in accounting. I write about special needs parenting, faith, gardening and other joyful projects. I live in Texas with my husband of 20 years, two teenage boys, three dogs, son's pet rabbit, and all of nature's other's creatures that wander our yard. 

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