Even though the school year ahead is looking a little uncertain, one thing is still true: milestones are milestones, and they deserve to be celebrated! 

One of the biggest steps our kids will ever take is their first day of kindergarten. 

From shopping for school supplies to taking that first-day photo to meeting the teacher and learning the rules—it’s exciting and intimidating all at the same time.

We’ve gathered a handful of our favorite picture books about kindergarten to help with the transition to “real school” (as my son calls it).

Add one or two (or all five!) to your home library to help ease your little one’s fears and get him or her excited about the academic journey ahead. 

This school-themed parody of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” is the cutest.

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This book focuses on finding the courage to step into new situations, even when we’re a little bit nervous. The story is sweet, and the illustrations are absolutely gorgeous! 

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This “School Day” edition from “The Power to Choose” series is so much fun! Let your kid walk through the school day with Danny and help him make decisions as they come up.

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This poem book tells kids not only what they can expect on the first day of school, but what to expect all year long. The book also comes with a page of stickers as an added bonus.

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Just like the title suggests, this book is filled with rhymes about what the first day of school looks like for both the students and the teacher. 

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Casey Huff

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