I have four boys. Now, personally, I don’t consider four kids to be “a lot” (I would totally take more but not make more—but that’s a different post for a different day) but society seems to consider four kids to be “a lot”.

I truly believe any family, large or not, will bring blessings and challenges. Some will be different, some will be the same. But regardless of how many kids there are, there will be fun times and hard times.

1. You learn with each little addition that your heart can, in fact, be stretched.

You can love more. You can care for more. Your heart won’t divide into smaller sections to be shared between each child as you add more; instead, your heart will just grow and become more.

2. Yes, there are exponentially more fights and feelings, arguments, tears, and emotions.

BUT there are also exponentially more laughs and snuggles, inside jokes, giggles, and cuddles.

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3. You may discover that in some ways, having a lot of kids is actually easier.

There is always someone to play with. Always an extra pair of hands to help (willing and unwilling). There is extra homework help or help around the house. Someone to bring you toilet paper when you run out. Someone to get creative with and work with and form new ideas with. Someone to challenge, look up to, and grow with.

4. It doesn’t matter if some kids are identical and share the same DNA—each one of those kids will be different.

Somehow, someway, they will be different. And you will find yourself stepping up to the challenge and getting creative on ways to parent a lot of different little humans differently. Trying to find what is best for each individual kid. Sometimes the challenge will be fun and exciting, sometimes it will be hard and frustrating. But watching yourself parent through that, loving those kids regardless, will be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do.

5. The buddy system is pretty stinking awesome.

And I don’t mean just while traveling. I mean in general life. You will group them. You will have “the littles” go to bed early or “the bigs” mow the yard. Or “the girls” will do laundry on Tuesdays and “the boys” will do dishes on Fridays. And they won’t mind too much being grouped because there will always be someone else with them.

6. Yes, there will be more mouths to feed, but also more mouths to say prayers.

More eyes that brighten when they discover who Jesus truly is. More hands to help serve. It’s a whole lot of responsibility that won’t be taken lightly. But witnessing them witness to others, together, will be nothing short of incredible.

7. Yes, your hands will be full . . .

Your home will be full. Your calendar and car will be full. Your laundry baskets and sink will be full (while your fridge and wallet will somehow always seem empty).

But your home will also be completely full of friendships and love. And that is something that can’t be replaced.

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