To our kids, 

We want to talk to you about distance learning. Not to criticize, instead, to tell youwe see you. 

We know this distance learning thing has taken some getting used to. This break from school isn’t what you’re familiar withspring break, winter break, Memorial Day weekend. 

In it all, we see you. 

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We see you getting up when you’d rather sleep in to go after your distance learning. We see you clicking all over the Schoology, Google Classroom, and Seesaw sites trying to find where all the information is. We see you adjusting to lots of different teachers organizing their classes in different ways. 

We see you watching videos and taking notes and Googling “hyperbole in poetry” so you can put your assignment together and submit it.

We see you learning to teach yourself. 

We see you figuring out how to organize your day to best set yourself up for success. We see you bounce from the couch to the kitchen table to your bedroom, figuring out WHERE you learn best. We see you trying out different times of day, figuring out WHEN you learn best. We see you cranking through all of the material, then at a different time, taking lots of breaks, figuring out HOW you learn best. 

And when you get behind and there are conflicts between us about it, know we still see you. We know this has all been unsettling and motivation sometimes is hard to find. But we see you go back to distance learning and catching up despite your big feelings. 

Also, we feel your disappointment.

Spring musicals, sports, clubs, end-of-the-school-year celebrations, prom, awards nights, graduationwe know you’ve forever anticipated those activities and milestones. We also know you miss your friends, your teachers, and the energy of the school building. Even though people tell you there’s so much to be grateful for (there is), it’s OK to be disappointed and grieve the loss of important things in your lives. We feel the letdown. 

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In watching you navigate this experience, we want you to knowwe’re proud of you. 

Oh, my, all-the-stars . . . We. Are. Proud. Of. You. 

You’re figuring it out. 

You’re learning to find your voice as you reach out to your teachers for help and direction. 

You’re learning so much about yourself, about self-discipline, and about how to steer your own ship. 

You’re learning to handle technology like a boss and that will serve you well in your future careers. 

You’re figuring out how to keep going through loss and how to focus on the silver linings. 

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You’re spamming the perseverance button, and we are so proud. 

Good job, distance learners. Good job to our beloved warrior kids. 

We’re proud of you. 

All moms everywhere 

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Cheryl Donely

Cheryl Donely is a high school teacher and mom to three boys. She writes faith-based encouragement for moms of tweens/teens at Empowered Moms and Kids. Subscribe here to get monthly encouragement and instant access to Empowered Moms and Kid's Freebie Library. Or follow Empowered Moms and Kids on Facebook.