Your kids will be OK if you’re a working parent.

Your kids will be OK if you’re fumbling through the stay-at-home life.

Your kids will be OK if you drive an ugly, old car.

Your kids will be OK in secondhand or hand-me-down clothes.

Your kids will be OK without iPads.

Your kids will be OK if they never go to Disney World (gasp!).

Your kids will be OK in a small home.

Your kids will be OK without an activity every night.

Your kids will be OK not getting new toys all the time.

Your kids will be OK.

In fact, they probably don’t even care about all of those things we think we need to give them. Don’t chase after a perfect life because you’ll waste a beautiful, messy life running after the possibility of a better one and forget how precious and numbered our days are to begin with.

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And I get it, we want to give our kids the world. And when things are hard, we want to protect, distract, and probably compensate a little if we’re being honest. 

But often we obsess over the things we think we’re failing to give them and miss the joy found in things we are already giving them.

But do you know how I know your babies will be OK with everything I listed above? It’s because mine are.

They’re healthy, happy, safe, and have all of their needs met, and most importantly, they have a family and a big, big God who loves them fiercely. 

I couldn’t want more for my babies than to have a life full of love for others and love for Jesus . . . and that’s all I really hope to give them. 

I worry about things that aren’t eternal, as if my life would be so much better with more money, but money can’t buy peace or guarantee any security. It can’t bring purpose to your life. Those are things you have to find within yourself. And I’m telling you that you’ll find it all in Jesus. 

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Kids don’t need many things, but they need love.

They need to know how to be kind. How to ask for forgiveness and work hard and love those who are hard to love. They need quality time and someone who believes in them. They need a place to feel safe and secure, and they need to know the Lord has great plans for their life.

If they believe what God says about them to be true, then they have enough. You’re doing enough, your kids have enough . . . because God, alone, will be enough. 

Kate Kulicke

I am just a young mom who has a passion for writing as a way to connect with other moms. With three young kids, I just hope to share my honest faith and motherhood journey so that other mommas feel seen and loved and know they’re never alone.