I used to worry I might be feeding my kids too much junk food.

I’d wonder, did we start their college funds early enough? Am I allowing too much screen time? Am I giving them enough outside play? Did they have enough tummy time? Should I have done baby-led weaning vs. purées? Did I breastfeed them long enough? Did I sing the right songs while they were in the womb?

Then something happened.

I let go of the expectations the world had for me as a mother and how I should or shouldn’t raise my kids.

I let go of the contradicting, wishy-washy information that’s out there that will supposedly make my kids the smartest, healthiest, wealthiest, most obedient, independent little humans.

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Because you know what?

None of that matters if my kids don’t love Jesus.

None of it.

You see, God cares more about your child’s desire to read His Word than He does their ACT score.

He cares more that we fully trust Him to meet our needs rather than only trusting our savings accounts.

God would rather us set our children up to serve Him and accomplish work for His Kingdom than prepare them to succeed in this broken world.

And I promise you if your heart, mind, and soul are focused on Him and His will for your family and your children, all of those other things will fall into place exactly how He wants them to.

If we submit to God fully, He will guide us in making the right decisions for our families. And that’s just something no Pinterest board, Facebook meme, or Instagram story will ever do.

Your child may not be at the top of their class. And they may eat a few more Happy Meals than you’d like to admit.

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But, if we center our parenting goals around God and His Word versus a Facebook post or Pinterest board, our kids will likely come to know and love Jesus.

And that’s really all that matters.

Cling to His truth, not the world’s.

Listen to His convictions, not the world’s.

Raise kids for His Kingdom, not for the world.

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Lindsay Meier

I am a farm wife, boy mom, and public preschool teacher in central Nebraska. I enjoy quiet walks with Jesus, date nights in the tractor with my husband, and playing in the dirt with my two sons.