People often say to me, “You can’t keep your children in a bubble.”

And I reply, “It’s not a bubble, it’s a greenhouse.”

A bubble stifles growth and blocks out nutrients. A greenhouse provides an environment for cultivation.

Children’s hearts need to be “greenhoused” before they’re ready to be transplanted out into the world.

We release when their roots are deep and they are mature enough to withstand the storms, not beforehand.

While they’re still under our protection, we take responsibility for engaging them in learning about different cultures, ideologies, and values. They should only know worldly teachings enough that they will be inoculated against them.

It’s neither parenting out of fear or legalism, nor going to the opposite extreme of being too permissive.

No, our kids shouldn’t grow up in a bubble. But they shouldn’t be left exposed to the harsh outside elements, either.

The greenhouse of our home has all the right conditions for those young seeds to grow and flourish.

This post originally appeared on Called To Mothering


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Marisa Boonstra

Marisa writes to encourage women to find purpose and joy in their God-given calling as mothers, and to help them raise children with a biblical worldview. She’s a homeschooling mama to two great kids and a wife to one husband of 13 years. She enjoys coffee, hanging out with friends, and spending time in God's Word. Her book, Bucking The System: Reclaiming Our Children’s Minds For Christ, was released January 2016 in both Kindle and Softcover formats. Marisa blogs over at