Dear little one,

As I watched you yesterday, it made my heart swell with happiness and pride and more realizations that you are growing. But also, that you possess abilities and traits and desires and truths and talents and ideas that are utterly and wholly blessings and fully yours.

You have such a gift of making people laugh and smile and, yes, sometimes cry, but also of making friends of all ages and colors and shapes and sizes anywhere and everywhere you go.

Don’t ever lose that.

As frustrating as it may be at times to us adults and as much as we are not supposed to envy, there are times I do because childhood is so carefree and beautiful and magical. Adults often lose or misplace or trade it for too much stress trying to live a lifestyle that isn’t even necessary.

We are taught to leave our childhood exactly there, but I think we still very much need pieces of it.

If only we would stop and soak in some of your charisma once in a while.

Let loose.

Be a child again.

Bask in the glory of childish fits of laughter and giggles.

Read a book and fall into its pages.

Play make-believe.

Pray prayers for things that might seem silly because we know that God can take care of even those things.

Dream the biggest dreams and not care what others think of them.

Take a lesson from you and make friends and have a light saber fight or chase each other with Thor’s hammer in the fantasy section of the bookstore knowing you don’t even know each other’s name and may never see each other again—but it doesn’t matter because, for these few amazing minutes, you are best friends fighting dragons together.

Yes, if we adults slowed down and let the magic back in, our shoulders would lift and our loads would be lighter.

Hang on to this gift of yours. Don’t let the world take it from you or tell you that your rays of sunshine have no place in it or adulthood. Carry it with you. Protect it.

I really and truly believe that you are going to change the world

And know that I will always love you.


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Kimee Reed

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