Having birthed three sons before her, I still feel like a voyeur in the world of little girls. 

I often feel out of place with women in general, and even more so in the world of little girls. 

She reminds me that I am her mom. And that’s enough.

Even if I don’t know how to french braid.

Or know anything about dance class. 

Or forget hair clips.

She doesn’t mind.

There are so many ways she is like me, her sass, spunk and love of people. And then? There are many ways she is very different. She is a rule follower, very intense, serious at times, and sometimes very shy.

She teaches me volumes.

Having a complicated relationship with my own mother, I often panic about how our relationship will look. I am reminded that we will work at it. I pray to extend grace and embrace the woman she becomes. I hope to allow her the space and freedom to be who God has called her to be, even if it’s different than what I’d envisioned. 

She will be wonderful.

She is wonderful.

As we prepare to welcome another little girl in the family {along with her twin brother}, I’m thankful for this daughter of mine who has taught me to joy and delight in having a daughter. She has paved the way for her little sister in so many ways.

I’m thankful for the opportunity.

I’m thankful she is mine.

My tiny dancer. 

Kathy Jacobitz

Wife of 14 years to my college love. Mother of 4 kids ages 10, 9, 7, 5 and of {surprise!} twins due July 2015. A Lincoln native, now an unconventional prairie wife living deep in the heart of southeast Nebraska for over a decade. Always a city girl at heart. A former high school teacher, now a current homeschooling mom. Always in process. Thankful for Divine restoration and Grace. Runs solely on coffee. I blog over at The J Crew .{http://thejcrew-kj.blogspot.com/}