Here we go again. A new school year is here and you’re not excited about it. Maybe you’re even dreading it. You’ve been busy trekking all across town to find every item on the school supply list. The backpacks, lunch boxes, and water bottles are all personalized with names and initials. Back to school shopping is complete and closets are loaded with new clothes and shoes. All the things are done and now you’re left with your anxious thoughts.

Who will my child’s teacher be?
Will he or she be a good fit for my child?
Will my child know anyone in his class?
Will my child have any friends?
Will my child behave?
Will my child miss me?
Will she ask for help or keep quiet?

How will my child do this year?

The thoughts and worry creep in during the quiet and yet you put on a brave face in front of your child. You pump them up and highlight all of the amazing things they’ll do and like this year. You tell them how wonderful they’ll be and how proud of them you are.

You love them big on the outside while you are a hot mess on the inside.

This teacher gets it.

You see, I am a parent, too. I will walk my child to her classroom and hug her tightly. I will think of her one thousand times on the first day of school. I will worry about how much of her lunch she will eat and if she will find friends to play with at recess. I will come up with a crazy amount of questions to ask the minute I see her. I will worry and wonder alongside each one of you but will take a deep breath knowing our children will do great because they are ready.

This new year is another adventure in our children’s journeys. We get a front-row seat to the growth and fun they will encounter and, as parents, we are a critical piece to them reaching their full potential. We will listen to, encourage, advocate for, and support our littles every step of the way. We can also rest easy knowing that the professional in the classroom is eager to meet our children and help them bloom over the next nine months.

So, hang in there moms and dads.

Hug your children tight and tell them how much you believe in them. Know they will miss you every day and that they’ll be happy to see and hug you when they get home. You have prepared them well through unconditional love and never-ending support.

This teacher knows your heart and believes this year will be amazing because we’re all in it together.

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Erin Uhlaender

I am a child of God and saved by His grace. I am a single mommy raising my daughter in Austin, Texas. I teach first grade by day and blog during my free time. I would love to connect with you via my blog,, or Twitter at handle @gritandgrace_TX. We each have a story and I can't wait to hear yours!