Day after day we are seeing more about the latest fad diet or the newest workout. Many of my friends run small businesses surrounded by these things and I love them, so don’t think I don’t appreciate what they do when I tell you this. 

That next best thing you are looking for, is you! 

There is one common component to every weight loss program, and it’s you! You have to believe in you. 

You have to know you can do it. 

You have to tell yourself everyday that the pain and anguish, the turn down of the bread, and the extra rest you are making yourself get, is all worth it. 

Without those things, every diet fails!  

Do you hear me?  

Let me repeat, without believing in yourself, no matter how much money you invest, your new fad will fail! 

Sometimes we need people to tell us everyday that we can do it. Sometimes we can’t do it without that. So, if you are in that place then pursue what you need to. I’m not harping on you. 

I’ve been there! I’ve had great trainers, great gyms, and great vitamins! All of them have done something for me when I tried them! 

But without ME believing in myself, I would never have been successful. 

Where should you start? Affirmations. 

Every morning, when you wake up, look in that mirror and pick 5 things your love about yourself. Make at least one something physical. 

Do that everyday. Make yourself smile! 

Love yourself! 

Know that when you know your self worth, you will be able to accomplish anything. 

Believe in me, because I believe in you!

Rebecca Spohr

Rebecca is a mother to a handsome 10-month-old boy and wife to her husband of 3 years. They live in Huntington Beach, California where they run two businesses out of there home, allowing them to spend lots of time with their son. Rebecca and her husband met in Olathe, Kansas and moved to California in 2006. They are still very attached to the midwest and travel to see family as much as possible.