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Have you ever seen a simple phrase but felt like it was impossible? 

“Let them . . .” This is a phrase I’ve seen in many places. It doesn’t matter where it is found, overall it means the same thing. If you’re like me, then you struggle with it. It’s an everyday battle. Heck, it’s an hourly battle sometimes. You can say over and over that it doesn’t matter. Their thoughts don’t matter. Their opinions don’t matter. Their get-togethers don’t matter. Their talking behind your back doesn’t matter. Their choices don’t matter.

It doesn’t matter what the case is—it is hard. 

You may have a friend who doesn’t think you know she talks about you behind your back.

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You may have a family member you have bent over backward for but never returns the favor.

You may long to be a part of the friend group that spends all their time together.

Maybe it’s a simple text chain you’re not invited to join.

Maybe it’s a party that you didn’t get an invite to.

Some people will always wish that you fail. Some people will always judge your failures. Some people will never see your triumphs. Some people will never encourage you, they will only discourage you.

Maybe it’s a significant other who doesn’t value you. Maybe it’s a significant other who talks down to you. Maybe it’s a significant other who takes advantage of you. Maybe it’s just a stranger you think is talking about you. The fact is maybe they are or maybe they aren’t. Maybe they are judging you.

Let them.

That doesn’t mean you let someone treat you poorly. That doesn’t mean you let someone hurt you. That doesn’t mean you deserve poor treatment or have to just take it.

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It means you practice walking away. It means you practice taking them out of your life. It means you don’t let them be part of your life anymore. It means you remind yourself that you deserve better. It means you tell yourself that their issues are their own.

It’s not your fault. It’s not about you. 

So, if you’re like me and you struggle with these things or anything similar just “let them.”

Originally published on the author’s Facebook page

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Kersten Cook

My name is Kersten. My husband and I live in small-town Nebraska. We have three beautiful girls together. Midna is 11, Bell is 8 and my bonus daughter Emberlin is 7. We also have three dachshunds. I started writing my Facebook blog and have been touched by the people I've touched. My goal is just to help other mamas not feel alone. 

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